1 provincial old birds' victory from Libourne with Guyliam


The last national long distance race of 2015 took place in Libourne on 2 August, with a one-day delay. The winner of the provincial first prize in the old birds' race and the fastest overall in the province of Limburg was Guyliam, the first nominated of X&M Thoné.

This was not his first major achievement; he had already won a provincial first prize from Montauban in 2014.


By the time he had reached his home loft, only two pigeons had been clocked in the province of Limburg. This is quite remarkable, since these lofts had about 30km less to cover.
He eventually took the provincial first prize with a lead of 27m/min, resulting in a first national prize in zone C as well.



It appears that he is related to pigeons that like to take the lead: his half brother Blue Joe, which is raced in the lofts of Jos, had an even bigger lead in the race from Agen, where he was the only pigeon in the east of Belgium to take an international top prize, finishing in 10th place. These are the kind of pigeons that do not get influenced by the other pigeons in the race; they follow their own path.


The name Guyliam refers to Guy Baerts, the breeder of this pigeon and a close friend of Thoné. The sire of Guyliam is Guru (which also bred Blue Joe when he was paired to a daughter of Little Joe). Guy had purchased Guru at a total auction, and with good reason. This pigeon managed to win no less than 19 prizes in two years' time, in races of 140 to 950km, and including an 8th international in a very difficult race from Soustons against more than 10,000 pigeons. In addition, the sire of Guru is a top class breeder from the line of Poco-Diego, a renowned extreme long distance breed. The dam of Guru is a sister of the outstanding Sedna. In other words, theory (pedigrees) and practice (results) can go hand in hand. The dam of Guyliam is a granddaughter of Little Joe, Sedna, Kleine Molenaar and Poco. 


Both these top class pigeons (Blue Joe and Guyliam) were bred from Guru paired to descendants of Little Joe. After his impressive effort in Marseille 2013, Little Joe developed into a super class breeder over several generations.

These two bloodlines are a match made in heaven, and it goes without saying that this combination will continue to play a crucial role in the breeding strategy in the years to come.



The bloodlines have been doing great in other lofts recently as well. For instance, a son bred from a brother of Blue Joe (from Guru x Daughter Little Joe) has won a 10th international Perpignan against 15,937 pigeons for Père Cuffel & Fils in France. This loft is the international winner from Barcelona 2015. In fact, the dam of this prize winner is related to Sedna, which we mentioned earlier on.


A grandson of Little Joe (from a sister of the dam of Blue Joe) won an 11th national prize against 5,254 p. for Noë Decoster in the same race from Perpignan. In addition, this pigeon finished in 12th place in the national ace pigeon championship KBDB extreme long distance 2015, while taking an 11th place in the ranking for three international long distance races.


The descendants of Sedna have been quite successful as well, winning a 1st national Montauban (a grandchild - Pollin), a 1st nat. St. Vincent (a great-grandchild - Pollin), a 2nd intern. Agen (a great-grandchild - Team De Jaeger), a 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon yearlings KBDB extreme long distance (great-grandchild - Team De Jaeger).


This shows once again that good bloodlines don't lie.