The feeding ŕ la Jos Thoné

For many pigeon breeders still today, the feeding, the maintenance of the pigeons is the topic. What hasn’t been written about it already? Pigeon breeders are always in search of new mixtures, of wondrous mixtures, which can quicken their cracks to attain maximum results ad infinitum.

At big exhibitions, feed suppliers are always asked about novelties. That’s whymanymixtures are attuned accurately to a gram to the special needs of the pigeons or, better, their breeders then. You’ll find mixtures for the different travelling directions, for the various travelling systems und whatever beyond. Many years ago, I got in contact with a feeding expert. In his system, the single feed components had to be weight out with kitchen scales day after day. The feed mixture was measured so precisely that the pigeons couldn’t even been left outside for their daily workout the day before the travelling started. Otherwise, they would have lacked of substance. Within the self-composed mixtures, so many little grains were contained that the pecking of the pigeons looked like the heaviest work.

You’d like to know the results? It was a dark chapter for me und my sport of pigeon-racing. My pigeons simply suffered from a lack of substance. A complicated feeding procedure, a permanent foodweighting, that’s nothing for pigeon breeders. The feeding of our pigeons should be kept as simple as possible and, beyond, it should be adjusted to our pigeons’ real needs. Jos Thoné’s rational operation method at his pigeon lofts in general should be  wellknown in the circles of pigeon-breeders meanwhile. Jos Thoné doesn’t act otherwise in the field of feeding. Everything has to be down-to-earth. Jos developed his own feed, which is today being produced by the firm Beyers, with whom Jos works together very closely and is named "Premium Thoné Spezial".  

 "Premium Thoné Spezial" is composed of the following ingredients:

25% cribs-maize

33% legumes

3% milo

2% barley

1% flaxseed

2% sunflower seeds

5% kardi

6% dari

10% paddy-rice

12% wheat

1% sesame

This mixture is a pure basis-mixture. Depending on what you need for breeding, travel or moult one can add other components. That means that the potion of proteins, carbohydrates or fat can be increased. Just through simple additions the simple basis-mixture can be turned into an adequate breeding-, travel- or moultmixture.

So "Premium Thoné Special" is a very practical and easy manageable mixture for enthusiasts who feed "full trough" or for those who have to leave  the feeding to a third person. "Premium Thoné Special" as a breeding-mixture with Cédé Duif 100% of Thoné Special is being fed until three days before the hatching of the chicks and after that 70% of Thoné Special and 30% of a protein-mixture. This legumes- mixture guaranties the needed protein content.

Jos recommends the "Luikse Protein Soy" from Beyers, a new high-quality protein-mixture, in which there are twice as many soys as normal peas. For the juvenile pigeons Jos uses 100% Thoné-mixture, with which the pigeons build up immunity against illnesses. We recommend providing Cédé Duif for the pigeons as an additional feed. This egg-feed supports all functions of the body like the blood circuit, the digestion, the development of muscles and tissue, etc. All types of proteins, especially animal proteins, vitamins, amino acid, trace elements and minerals are included in Cédé Duif in well-balanced proportions.

As preparation for the breeding season Jos Thoné uses Cédé Duif as well: He administers one table spoon of Cédé Duif per pigeon three times a day.

After hatching: From the 2nd day he provides one table spoon Cédé Duif per young animal, till the chicks are self-dependent.

Thus a perfect nutrition, in time of breeding, is secured. You should have a look at the juvenile pigeons provided after this method. They really teem with healthy. After this quite easy method of provision, the chicks can grow up to be super athletes. "Premium Thoné Special" as a sports-mixture with Cédé Omega Plus Form 3-6-9 Of course, the provision of the pigeons during the travelling season postulates an ability of accurate observation of the breeder. Depending on the cruelty of the last flight and the cruelty of the following flight, the pigeons have to be fed. Shortly, the pigeons must gain their ideal weight again. That means that they have to dispose of enough substance to challenge the next flight with great success again.

Depending on the cruelty of the following flight, you should add cribs-maize, and /or peeled sunflower seeds and/or peanuts and/or little seeds to the "Premium Thoné Spezial" mixture. The most recommended energy-boost comes from Beyers Plus Premium Super Energy, which is offered in air-and water-tight sealed laminate-bags of 5kg.

In order to raise the performance and condition of the pigeons beyond, to give them their special buzz, Jos Thoné also utilises Cédé Omega Plus Form 3-6-9. This product is offered in form of pellets. Cédé Omega Plus Form 3-6-9 is a performance- and condition-enhancing grain, which is free of doping elements and consists of inartificial products meant for human application.

The Cédé Omega Plus Form 3-6-9-pellets prove to be an outstanding addition to the "Premium Thoné Spezial" and have an unbelievable effect on the performance of the travelling pigeon, thanks to their well-balanced content of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and the natural vitamin E, which stimulates the sexual drive of the pigeons.

Added to that, Cédé Omega Plus Form 3-6-9 also contains maize-gluten, flax-oil, different fish-oils and fructo- oligosaccharides, which guarantee an optimally functioning intestinal. The Omega 3-6-9 unsaturated fatty acid become to an unlimited source of energy for the travelling pigeon. For various reasons, a lot of pigeon fanciers do not support the daily offering of food mixtures which contain pressed grains.

Thanks to the Cédé Omega Plus Form 3-6-9’s outstanding nutritional value and the positive effects on the body’s defences and the condition, now every fancier has the possibility to replenish the feed mixture for his pigeons to the time it is regarded as necessary by himself.

The two great advantages of Omega 3-6-9 can be summarized as follows:

1) Thanks to Omega 3-6-9 pigeons are able to fly longer without getting tired.

2) Omega 3-6-9 empowers the pigeon to fly with a great speed as long as possible.

The amount and the duration of administration of Cédé Omega Plus Form 3-6-9 depends on the distance (short, medium or long) of the flights and if you are dealing with juvenile pigeons.

If one meshes one tea spoon Cédé Omega 3-6-9 per pigeon under the Premium Thoné Special, about two to four days before the "basketing", then the carbohydrate- and fat-content will be increased, so that one gets a perfect travelling-mixture.

Thoné Special as a moult-mixture The well-balanced character of the "Premium Thoné Spezial" mixture gives an outstanding moult-mixture to the breeder as well. Through adding a handful of Beyers moult-seeds or wild growing herb seeds or a handful of Beyers little seeds, we create the perfect mixture.

It still gets better, if we administer 1/3 of the daily  feed-ration in form of Cédé Duif during the whole moult-time.

Thoné Special complemented with BEYERS PLUS Condition & Care preparations That a lot of products beyond are needed for the really successful pigeon-racing, doesn’t have to be mentioned in particular at this point. In earlier times, the pigeon lived off the land in a great measure. A long time ago this time has been over. Who has got the wish today that his pigeons would fly onto the fields?

One is scared that something could be happening there. Our pigeons have to fly, the have to practise. That’s why we are offering dietary supplements in the lofts.

Under the designation BEYERS PLUS, an assortment of preparations, which positively influences condition and health of the pigeons, exists today. As mentioned in the weekly plans and feed-instructions of Premium Thoné Special mixture, they are truly recommended for the daily feed and the preparation for the prizeflights,

but also during the breeding- and moult-time. Each of these products has its own special effect, to bring our pigeons to the starting line in their best  possible form.

Just try those different by-products and get convinced of their very special quality. Jos Thoné applies many of the Beyers products at his own lofts and is positive about them.

The title of this chapter is "The feeding ŕ la Jos Thoné". You got to know his basis-mixture "Premium Thoné Special". Now give his feeding-system a chance.Feeding pigeons lightly sure isn’t the last conclusion of wisdom. Pigeons have to possess the needed substance to endure a long and gruelling season. Jos Thoné’s pigeons shouldn’t just fly successfully only one year as he wants to play them for a longer time. There is enough evidence to show that that is indeed possible.

On the foregoing pages we introduced to you three weekly plans with which you can more or less cover one whole season. Those plans are the one for the short distance, the middle distance and the great middle distance. All those plans are to be seen as a suggestion for an optimal care during the time of journey.  One can and must vary these plans, too. The following consideration can always be seen as rough guidance: How was the last flight and how is the next one probably going to be? The breeder himself must watch his pigeons to assure the topmost success. His power of observation and his feeling for the right “combat weight” of the pigeons account a great deal for the success.

Just try "The feeding ŕ la Jos Thoné" one time. In no time at all you will see, how easy this way of feeding is and how your pigeons will be in a very good mood.