Cribbs maize 25
Peas-mix 33
Sorgum extra red 3
Barley 2
Linseed 1
Striped sunflower 2
Safflower 5
Dari White 6
Paddy rice 10
Wheat 12
Sesamseed 1

The complete composition guarantees an excellent basic-mix and fullfils the natural needs of the bird.  This basic-mix can be used as a complete breeding-,racing- or moulting mix, just by adding some components.  “Thone Special” is a very practical and easy to handle tool for those fanciers, treating the pigeons on a “full” regime, or working with loftkeepers.


Thoné Special as breeding mix

From pearing to 3 days before outcome of the eggs, give 100% “Thoné Special”.  Afterwards add 30% Proteďne-mix to raise the proteďne-content.


Thoné Special as racing-mix.

Depending the next race, just add extra cribbs maize, pealed sunflowers, pealed groundnuts or fancy-mix. The new content of carbonhydrate and fett transforms the Thoné Special in an excellent widowhood- or racingmix.


Thoné Special as moulting-mix. Thoné Special is a very good moulting mix.  Just one advise: add a fistfull of moulting seeds.