The racing hen who won the 1st international Narbonne 2005 is named after the last discoverd planet in our solar system. Sedna won already the 206th national St Vincent against 10.022 yearlings, the 7th semi-national Jarnac against 5005 yearlings. It is clear that she is a real top quality racing hen.
As preparation of this season Sedna was mated in february and she moulted two young birds, afterwards she was raced on the widowhood system. The medical supervision is for a big deal based on the system of BIFS and veteranarian Ferdinand Vandersanden. The food mixture of the Thoné Special is composed by Jos himself and produced by the company Beyers.
When we take a little bit closer to the pedigree of “Sedna”, we can find from fathers’ side international and national winners from Bordeaux and Barcelona. From mothers’ side we can find “Sumo” in her pedigree. Those who know the Thoné pigeons better, know already that a son of “Sumo” became a world class quality breeder. 

SednaI was just arrived from the international race and Jos could see already his second pigeon arrive from the same race. “Sedna II” is also a racing hen wich is raced on the total widowhood system. Narbonne was the 11th race of “Sedna II” on the 4th of april she already won a price pro 10 from Chimay. “Sedna II” can be called an all-round ace racer.
When we take a closer look to the pedigree of “Sedna II” we can see that the mother of “Sedna II” is a full sister of the mother of “Sedna”, her father is already grandfather of the 1st Marseille in 2002 and we can also find the successfull Barcelona-strain of the Thoné loft in her blood. 

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Article written by Hans Verscheuren Click here (Dutch)