The last long distance race of the year was once again Tulle and no less than 13,426 pigeons over the entire country entered the race. A very nice amount to close up the long distance season which everybody wants to win. If the winners are known and when we drive direction As, we knew immediately it was at Jos Thoné’s. He became world famous with his pigeons and after his total sale is this a new showpiece at his breeding loft.

It was the two-year old hen ‘Tilke’ that will give Jos and his team a lot of joy, visits and phone calls thanks to her amazing result. She already was a very reliable hen on all the races just as we know the pigeons from Thoné. They have to be able to take on any kind of race but preferable in a national race, just as she did and will now move to the new breeding loft.

The purpose after his total sale was that Jos would keep himself busy with the breeding loft alone. He is a bit on a ‘pigeon retirement’ and opposite his house a new loft was built where they were going to race under the name of his sons Xavier en Maxim with loft manager Marcel Vierendeels. It is an entire team that surrounds Jos which makes him very grateful.

Jos admits that everything is being followed up more strict in a manner of feeding, caring and making it the pigeons as pleasant as possible to get them to perform on a top level.

But this was really the cherry on the pie of the season, a 1st National Tulle and also the fastest of 13,000 birds with a surplus that he had already won every week this season a first prize from this new loft. The count is on 42 1st prizes in 2016 ! I’m sure they will reach easily the number of 50 1st prizes.

Racing team on total widowhood

In Winter, the racing birds were coupled and they could raise each 1 youngster. No second coupling followed and the training could start over again.

The hens are in the loft next to the widow cocks. They enter in one central entrance on the attic of the loft.

During the week the hens remain in small boxes and the widow cocks are in their fully open box. During the week the widow cocks all see their hens very briefly after each training as they have to pass through the hallway where the hens are seated. Marcel tries to have this run through as quickly as possible.

They only train once a day daily but a severe training is being expected. Amongst the pigeons there are about nine young hens who are being raced on widowhood and also gave more than 1st prize this season.

Maybe a small detail but when the pigeons train in the rain and feel a bit clammy the heating plates will be turned on. Also there’s a side window and a window at the front side of the widowers loft so they have sun from morning till evening which makes the temperature in the loft very agreeable.

At basketing they always come together, or for a brief moment in the hallways or on the loft itself which is very easy as there are sliding doors in between the lofts. They can have a spot on the loft of the hens or on the widowers’ loft. Variation is a very important given over here for the motivation.

After the race they enter the loft of the hens and stay there until the evening. After that the sexes are being split up again.

National winner Tulle

This hen wanted to mate in the week before Tulle so they decided to lock her up in a box in the hens loft to keep her a bit quieter. She already flew very well on all races but last year she did Limoges – Brive and Tulle where she ended up early on the results list and made that we wanted her to go this season on the long distance races. We all know the result !

2022243/2014 TILKE


Blue hen

Clocked : 15:42:14
Distance : 670.303 km
Average Speed : 1,361.76 m/min

Best results 2014-2016

  7 Limoges  Prov      368b
7 Gien               127b
11 Gueret   Nat (z)   746b
14 Chimay             536b
22 Argenton Nat (z)   580b
26 Chimay           1,938b
27 Bourges  Nat (z) 1,464b
30 Sourdun          1,738b
44 Laon               489b
47 Gien               603b
55 Chimay             765b
250 Brive    Nat     9,049b

Father 4263054/2009 Son 801 Marcel Aelbrecht
Direct Marc De Cock
Won 18 Nat Orange 2,012b, 37 Nat (z) Cahors, 42 Nat Libourne

Gr.F. 4138801/2007 Den 801 Marcel Aelbrecht
Son of “065/97” De Perpignan won 1 Nat (z) Cahors x
“043/03” Daughter Limoges
Gr.M. 4140108/2006 Daughter Nightflyer
Daughter of “722/02” Nightflyer x “481/02” Rebecca
is grandmother “Leen” 1 I.Nat Narbonne

Mother 5061500/2009 Blue Jos Thoné
Super breeding hen
Mother of “Kirin” 13 x 1st with a.o. 11 Nat Bourges 14,571b, 15 Nat Tulle 7,333b, 62 Nat Limoges 17,735b

Gr.F. 5071666/2003 Nest brother Artificial Jutta
Nest brother “Artificial Jutta” 2 Nat Vichy 10,510b
Super breeder
Father of “Iruna” 2 I.Nat Irun
Father of “Deep Impact” Olympiad bird All Round Dortmund
Son of “105/95” Sars is son National I Schellens /
Herbots x “695/00” Utta
Gr.M. 5071209/2003 Avril Won 20 x 1st
1 Nat Ace bird LCB 2005 + 2006 + 2007
Super All Round hen
Daughter of “600/01” Father Avril x “084/99” Yama


All faith is being given to the mixtures of Beyers. This is how I use Premium Thoné, Long Distance TT ( for the long distance races ) and Sport Energy Galaxy mixtures. Side products are mostly the Pigeon HP products ( Recup Fast, … ) and also the Zell Oxygen from the HERBOTS GAMMA.

I always rely on Norbert Peeters for a medical check-up. I rather go one time too much for a check-up so I’m always on time to interfere when necessary. But due to the good condition of the pigeons this year I didn’t have to give much yet.

The entire HERBOTS TEAM wishes the THONE TEAM a big well done with once again a marvellous result in As